Every human, at one point or another, has experienced some form of depression. Depression makes you question the purpose of your existence; it wins if you cannot answer this question and completely engulfs you.  It drives a wedge between you and the rest of the world, it makes you feel alone and hopeless.  Depression is not invincible, though; you can fight back and defeat it.  But keep in mind that if you fight it alone, it has already won. Reach out to others (either your loved ones or experts), fight it as a team, outnumber it. If not for you, then fight for your loved ones. These 7 tips will help you in that fight.

depression exercise

  1. Get some physical exercise

    Let it be regular exercise or gym or aerobics or yoga, whatever suits you, do it regularly. If possible, do it in same time slot every day. Push yourself some more every day so that you can concentrate on exercise instead of brooding even when exercising. Research suggests exercise is very efficient as an antidepressant. For example, long-running releases euphoriant neurochemicals like endorphins which make you experience euphoria. Also, a healthy body supports a healthy mind. Come on, sweat it out!!

yoga reachout 

  1. Get some mental exercise

    Depression is usually characterized by a feeling of emptiness. Fill that void with your passion or hobbies. If you have none before, find something now. But be careful not to allow any negative influences affect you. Control what you think about. Set some time aside for meditation or other concentration-enhancing exercises every day. Some forms of meditation increase activity in a different part of the brain which can cause relaxation, happiness, and emotional balance.

depression tips 

  1. Meet new people

    Talk to the person sitting beside you on the bus. Introduce yourself to a person in your office with whom you haven’t talked until now. Converse with the person at the grocery store. Join a depression forum, even an online depression chat room. Learn their stories.  Sometimes, life surprises you; one of their stories might be the solution to your situation.  There are people out there who faced or are facing the same problem as you, you are not alone in this.


 get out

  1. Get out of the room

    If you are feeling depressed or dejected, immediately walk out of that place (if circumstances permit). Visit a new place if possible. If you cannot afford long, expensive vacations, just explore your office building or your neighborhood.  The place where you live also influences your mental state.  Make sure it is well-lit and organized.  Also, Serotonin, a hormone which regulates your mood and makes you happy, is released when exposed to sunlight, so try to get plenty of it.


  1. Use positive auto-suggestions

    If you say something to your brain repeatedly, the poor thing believes it to be true. This is called “Auto-suggestion”. It can be used either positively or negatively.  So, stop telling yourself that you are depressed.  Instead, tell yourself again and again that you are doing great.  Avoid using the word “depressed” or similar ones and your brain will start believing in positivity.

depression to-do 

  1. Complete small tasks

    Lack of accomplishments is one of the reasons for depression. Make a to-do list and start completing small tasks first and gradually level up to bigger ones. After completion of each task, your brain is rewarded with endorphins that make it happy.  It starts craving for more and you will start achieving big.

depression hugs

  1. Most importantly, express yourself, talk it out.

    In many countries, there is a social stigma attached to the word “Depression”. People like to keep their depression a secret, even from their loved ones. You have to realize that it is not something to be ashamed of. If you share your situation with your dear ones in initial stages, mere words or a hug can relieve you. Hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone which can help with depression and social anxiety.  Remember, the first step to solving a problem is to agree that there is one.

Depression is a formidable opponent. But you can defeat it by fighting it along with your team; these tips provide you the required ammunition. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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Sunil is a social entrepreneur working on projects that enhance the quality of life for people. He is passionate about using tech to help the human cause.
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