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Share with the community that completely understands what you are going through, and empathizes with you. You may not feel comfortable sharing with your family or close friends, but you are among those who care, with us. Most importantly, gain support, offer your opinion, and feel empowered by both.

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We learn from a crowd sourced repository of experiences in coping with the diseases that affect your life. A knowledge base like no other to use as we learn about nutrition, medical complexities, comorbidities and medical side-effects.

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Depression, alienation, and stigma might be common factors among all of us, but that can change quickly. We feel much stronger when we help others and gain hope for ourselves and for others. Be a part of the community of people who fight together for a better tomorrow. 

We are Hopeful!!

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Support Platform:

Reachout is an online platform of support for patients and caregivers of chronic conditions. The diseases can be debilitating and alienating themselves, but the patients don’t have to feel alienated. Connect with others for compassion, support, encouragement, exchanging coping ideas and reduce loneliness and depression.

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Everyday begins with a hug:

Whether weak or strong, we can all use a hug sometimes. Spread the love and send/receive hugs from people who understand your pain and empathise with you. Open up to them about you cause they are really listening.

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Challenges of life:

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Together, we are stronger, happier and better informed

Michael OchoaMichael OchoaStudent
Do you need to talk to someone who understands what your going through? Or just need a spirit lifter? ReachOut is the place to be.
Ana CostaAna CostaEngineer
“No one is alone. We are all connected, and ReachOut is a means for us to become stronger, relying in a network of trust, compassion and motivation.”
Oliver ToledoOliver ToledoUI / Web Designer
“Reachout is an incredible project that helps thousands of people overcome adversity and move forward...“
Daniella JDaniella JLawyer
“It helps to get things off your chest once in a while.”
Madhumathi KumarMadhumathi KumarHousewife
Reachout has enabled me to "Reach out to all" those people with different chronic diseases in different regions. At personal level, this app has totally changed my thought process.

Community Posts

Diabetes and Depression: Warning Signs and Coping Strategies

It is no surprise that diabetes doubles the risk of depression. Between balancing our diets, timing our insulin intakes, scheduling exercise, and managing the highs and lows of blood-sugar levels, things can get tough. This daily regimen is quite overwhelming and, if...

How Art Helped to Heal Me

The first time I learned of suicide was on a skiing trip when I was fifteen years old. My Dad and I were on a winter retreat through his work. My Dad’s friend was there. We had skied with his family before. I knew that he had a son the same age as me. As I waved “Hi”...

What is Brain Fog and how to get rid of it

Although it is not a clinically recognized term, brain fog is a commonly used definition to describe periods of mental confusion or lack of focus, leading to a decrease in cognitive performance and inability to think clearly. Individuals who experience brain fog do...

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

One day, while my children were in art class, I received a call that my Mom had fallen. She has an alert system that calls three numbers when she falls and unable to get up. I pulled my two children out of art class. We drove as fast as the speed limit allowed to my...'

Depression: Small Steps to Wellness

As someone with Bipolar Disorder, I am no stranger to depression. Although Bipolar depression has its differences, it shares many factors with Major Depressive Disorders: isolation, changes in appetite, poor sleep, feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, disinterest,...